Hyundai Electric Cars Sophistication

Technological advances in the automotive field will always make it easier for users in everyday life. In fact, it is possible that in the future new technology will make it easier for us when looking for parking.This is also being planned by two manufacturers from South Korea, Hyundai and Kia. Currently both are developing their latest technology, electric vehicles that can charge wirelessly and can be combined with the Automatic Valet Parking system.

The technological concept is explained through an animated video starring Le Fil Rouge Concept from Hyundai. The reason for combining the two technologies is that parking lots and electric charging stations will be overcrowded, given the growth in sales of electric cars in the future will definitely increase too.

Later technology from Hyundai and Kia will move the non-driver car to a blank wireless charging station, then move the vehicle that is fully loaded from the filling station. Thus, other electric cars that are already in line can go directly to the gas station.

When charging is complete, the valet system will park the vehicle in an empty place automatically. Then, the electric car can move back independently towards the driver’s location just by ordering via a smartphone.

All these mechanisms will be made possible by continuous communication between electric vehicles, parking facilities, system charging stations, and also with the driver itself.

Flow, which is a parking facility, will send the location of an empty parking lot and also the filling station to the user. Meanwhile, the charging system will update in real-time about the vehicle’s charging status.

The technology itself is planned to be launched around the year 2025. At that time it feels suitable because the presence of indirect vehicles is predicted to increase and seems to be normal.

Hyundai awaits Government Regulation Before Electric Car Production

The condition of the automotive market in Indonesia is still quite promising for two and four-wheel manufacturers in the country. In fact, one of the names from South Korea, Hyundai plans to invest US $ 880 million (Rp. 12.8 trillion) to build a factory, including assembling electric cars.

He explained, President Director of PT Hyundai Motor Indonesia (HMI), Mukiat Sutikno, for electric cars is indeed uncertain, and is still being discussed.

In addition to prices, Hyundai is also still questioning the infrastructure of electric cars that are not ready in Indonesia. The reason is, if the price of an electric car is still expensive, and the battery charging station is still inadequate, consumers will not be interested and the market will not expand widely.